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“The narrative of Adi Da’s book is simple, powerful, accessible, and compassionate. And his message, grounded in global wisdom, is urgent and timely… This important book should be read carefully and put into practice by all global citizens.”

Founder-Director of the Global Dialogue Institute
Co-Convenor of the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality


Not-Two Is Peace contains wisdom that can transform the current and ongoing world crises that so desperately need effective conflict resolution. If truly acted upon, what Adi Da advocates has the power to bring an end to the horrors and suffering that are the result of our mad need to differentiate between us and them”.

John F. Kennedy School of Government
Harvard University


It is a rare event in human history when a truly enlightened master speaks directly to the world situation, what must be done about it, and the consciousness from which all action, individual and collective, must proceed. This is a profound book. We must take it seriously.

Founder and Chairman, The Leadership Circle


“At this critical moment in the history of the human family, when the very foundations of civilization are being challenged, there is a message of compassion being spoken by one grounded in enduring wisdom and true discernment. In Not-Two Is Peace, Adi Da writes of the urgent need for a new form of global discourse, based on the recognition of the underlying unity of humankind. Such discourse would renew the ideals that originally underlay the foundation of the United Nations. And it would require humankind as a whole to listen to the ordinary people all over the world who are in dire need of greater human security.”

Former Senior Adviser, United Nations High Commission for Refugees


“This extraordinary collection of illuminating essays offers a deep diagnosis of humanity’s predicament. The cure Adi Da prescribes, based on higher laws, is simultaneously radical, urgent, and straightforward. Adi Da’s is a uniquely authentic and compelling voice in this global age.”

Former UN official, Senior Adviser to the Nonviolent Peaceforce


I've had a vision for about 15 years where my family lived next door to me, where we had huge yards for all the kids to play together, where we grew our own food and just helped each other to grow as a community in every way possible. That dream did NOT come true! LOL! But this book has clarified what is fantasy, what is reality, and what is possible. Honestly, this book blew my mind. I've never read anything like it in my life. Period. Absolutely transformational.

If anyone is REALLY interested in the global affairs of humankind, world peace, global warming, war, the animal kingdom, animal rights, pollution, the earththen this book is REQUIRED reading. It is the foundation manifesto for what we need to do to NOT destroy the earth and all of humankind, and how to create a totally new way of being and living with each other and with all of nature.

Adi Da’s formula is, Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace. All of this must be based on a deep inner awareness of the prior unity of all, basically the knowingness that we are all as one.

If this book looks like too much, there is an introductory version, a shorter book that is a great initial read. It's called Prior Unity. It's an easy read, and short, and very powerful also.

Spiritual Life Coach & Practicing Osteopathic Physician


Profound wisdom on the root of human conflict, and the path away from a grim destiny. An astonishing gift.

Professor, Pennsylvania State University


Through the ages, people have struggled with the idea that consciousness and being are a priori to physical manifestation. Today, our awareness of timeless union and inner value finds fragmented expression in a myriad of linear phenomena that we take for reality, including sovereign boundaries, property rights, market prices, interest rates, cyclical bubbles, and externalities such as pollution, poverty, social conflict, terrorism, and war. In this visionary and epochal book, Adi Da reminds us that humanity is already always a mass subjective unity and beckons us to fully externalize this conscious interconnectivity and ontological interdependence through our economic, social, and political institutions and collective decision-making.

International Economist

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“A new kind of human consciousness is requiredbased on the working-presumption of prior unity, and on an understanding of the indivisibly single world in which everyone is living. This involves not only the notion that there is such a single world, but it requires grasping the necessity for cooperation, and the necessity to function on the basis of an understanding that the Earth is a single system, and humankind (likewise) is a single whole.”

- The World-Friend Adi Da,
from Not-Two Is Peace